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pleasanton police. >> oakland mayor is looking for federal aid while in washington this week to attend the national conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on monday. the mayor is planning to meet with several law enforcement agencies to secure and expand federal support to oakland police and the city's crime-fighting effort and is asking governor brown to extend the assistance oakland has been getting from the highway patrol. brown said oakland has to find out what they want. some in oakland want zero police. the leadership of that city has to show the way. brown is a former mayor of oakland. >> people dining out in san francisco will be able to access a restaurant health ratings at their fingertips. the consumer review site "yelp" will post health ratings online. it is a good way to get government information to the public. abc7's reporter will have a live report next year on that partnership. >> the weather forecast, now. it sounds like a broken record, or for the young people, the cd is skipping. >> the cd is stuck. >> mike nicco, our meteorologist , will explain wh
.h.p.'s agreement to patrol oakland city streets. the highway patrol wants to pay to extend the service and c.h.p. says they will continue to work with the city for another 30 days. no word on whether oakland will have to pay for that extension. c.h.p. officers have made 87 felony arrests in 90 days of prowls in oakland. >> poll shows california are the most optimistic since before the recession. governor brown gets the highest approval rating since taking office in 2011, at 51 percent following the asurroundsment -- following the announcement of a state budget surplus. experts expect the state to outpeople the nation as a whole in 2013. last time consumer confidence was this high was way back in 2007. >> the state budget cut forces san mateo county to close courtrooms and cut staff. last year the county reduced the trial court workforce by 30 percent cutting back on clerk hours. now the majority of court services in south san francisco and shayia are suspended and five courtrooms will close entirely. up to 25 employees could lose jobs in september and five court commissioners could be gone b
oakland road we have another accident moved to the right-hand shoulder. it is a little bit slow beyond the seen as they move that from lane two to the right-hand shoulder. elsewhere we have a problem northbound 880 on the shoulder now cleared so that accident is looking good through fremont and getting busy on the east shore freeway moving to richmond and to the berkeley area and macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> we follow breaking news from london where a helicopter crash in the middle of the city killed two people and injured 13. the two dead, one the pilot, the other is someone on the ground, it happened during the morning rush hour at midnight our time. the helicopter hit a crane on top of a high-rise building. they are working to secure the crane. there is no immediate danger of collapse. no word on the exact cause. it could take months to sort out. there are low clouds and fog. authorities say it was shrouding the tower. the pilot was diverting a landing because of bad weather and that terrorism does not appear to be likely. >> now, japan has grounded the entire fleet of boein
. kristen and eric? >> we start 6:00 with developing news from the abc7 at 11. right knew, oakland police are still surrounding a neighborhood after someone opened fire and wounded an undercover officer. amy joins us live with the search underway. amy? >> this is still in sign of the two men they are looking for. look behind me, the swat team is still engaged in this case with a section of seminary blocked off. you can see the swat vehicle located in the middle of the street. no one is being allowed in or out without a police escort. the officers approve who gets in or out. we were overhead when police say an officer was shot at 6:30. he was working undercover vetting another shooting when he was confronted by three armed men. police say he was shot in the arm. they were able to arrest one suspect. the other two suspects got away. police are still looking on them but they need help. >> we want to ask the community to continue to be vigilant. please contact the oakland police department nonemergency number reporting suspicious activists involving two individuals from the area. >> the chief
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. >> in a few hours, oakland police are expected to brief reporters of the latest information in the search for suspects involved in the shooting of an under covered officer last night that happened near international boulevard at seminary. amy is live in oakland. last time we talked the s.w.a.t. officers were on the scene. >> still here. look behind me. they, worked throughout the night on seminary at 17th. this section of the street is still blocked off. they are looking for two other men. they are looking for evidence. they are still at it this morning. this shooting happened last night at 6:30. police say the officer was, working undercover. they have not released his name. he was on seminary near 17th. he was investigating another shooting when the chief says he was shot. >> during the course of the follow-up he was confronted by three armed and very dangerous individuals. during the confrontation the officer was shot in the arm. the officer suffered a non-life threatening injury. he is expected to have a full recovery. >> police say they arrested one person and are looking for two oth
. the oakland city council has voted to hire the foam top -- fr top cop of los angeles and new york as a police consultant the city council listened to public comment and debated until 2:30 a.m. before deciding to hire bill bratton known for zero tolerance strategies including controversial stop and frisk which gives officers, and say, too much discretion and leads to racial from files. supporters say bratton brought crime down in los angeles and will help the city of oakland. we will have a live report with more on this coming up in 30 minutes. >> the council approved another crime-fighting measure, bringing in alameda county sheriff deputies to patrol the streets. when deputies and one supervisor will help with the duties two days a week. the oakland police union opposed the plan but city leaders say something has to be done do put more cops on the street to deal with rising crime. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton, right now, has sat down and wearing green and is about to testify about the deadly attack in benghazi, libya, in september. in is a live picture from washington, dc. she will
:30 this morning so the on-ramp is closed. >> new this morning the oakland city council has voted to hire the former top cop of los angeles and new york as a police consultant. last night the city council listened to public comment and debated until 2:30 this morning before kidding to hire bill bratton known for zero tolerance strategy including the stop and frisk policy. opponents say that gives officers too much discretion and leads to racial profiling. bratton helped bring crime down in los angeles and will help the city of oakland. our news reporter will have a live report with much more on the heated hearing last night in 30 minutes. >> the council approved another crime-fighting measure to bring in outside help to oakland. all on the council approved to bring in the alameda county sheriff deputy to patrol the streets, helping the oakland police with duties do -- two days a week. oakland police opposed this but leaders say something has to be done about crime. >> members from the 129th rescue wing in mountain view are headed to afghanistan for four months. final deployment preparatio
with muni spent $154 million for that fiscal year in overtime. >> thank you. oakland officials will make a major announcement declaring a local state of emergency to seek outside help over a wave of violence with a recent attack involving a drive-by shooting that wounded five people at walnut and seminary avenue after ten other people were shot since friday across the city in what is believed gang-related shootings. before the drive-by shootings leaders held a conference call to discuss their response to the weekend violence of the oakland's vice mayor called for state of emergency in the city to clear the way to get help from the state, something new city council member agrees with. >> the directive is given to the administrator to work with the legal council to approach jerry brown. >> spokesperson for the mayor says that the public deserve as strong and fast reaction to all of the violence. >> today is the one month anniversary of the school massacre in newtown, connecticut, remembering the 20 children and six adults gunned down at the sandy hook elementary school. students attend cho
into today. shining lasers at pilots is a serious offense punishable by federal law. >> the oakland city council will consider approving the contract of a controversial high profile police consultant, a former los angeles and new york police chief, will be paid $250,000 to turn around oakland's crime wave. tempers flared last week when protesters showed up to voice concerns of possible available profiling. he favors "stop and frisk" where police can stop anyone they feel is suspicious. the oakland city council is scheduled to take up the issue tonight at 6:30. >> in san francisco the use of tasers is the main focus of a community meeting. the san francisco police department is the only agency in the bay area that does not use stun guns. the chief wants to launch a pilot program to equip officers to dole with mentally ill after a police shooting last summer triggered this when a man attack add co-worker with a box cutter. the community forum is at 6:00 at the hamilton recreational center. repairs begin on the bay bridge bumper damaged in an oil tanker crash this month. abc7 news reporter
in sunnyvale. there is 880 commute leaving oakland past the colisieum and 880 looking good from carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. >> thank you, sue. we will look at a dry live doppler 7 hd. the weather is quiet for the commute but we still are watching the fog in the north bay valley where it will stay for now. as far as temperatures, updated these with the 5:00 observation, napa is up a degree to 34. mid-to-upper 30's inland. low-to-mid 40's at san jose at 41 and oakland is 44 and antioch is 43 and san francisco is the warmest at 48. gilroy is close to frost at 34 degrees. the weekend will bring clouds with a wind solicit and chance of rain next week. temperatures from redwood city four degrees above average to doubling digits in livermore when you hit 68 degrees that is 11 degrees warmer-than-average with sunsetting at 5:33 so you get more time to enjoy it. temperatures today are in the mid-to-upper 60's and oakland and fremont at 69 and santa rosa and napa the warm spots and richmond and san francisco and san jose at 67 along with concord. upper 60's to low 70's around the monter
. investigators are looking for a motive and suspect in the case. >> oakland city council member is proposing new curfews or stop and frisk law to counter city violence. since friday there have been nine shootings and four people were killed and 11 injured. police made one arrest and have a warrant for a second suspect. at a news conference yesterday, police chief jordan said the violence the city has seen the past six months can be connected to two groups. >> in washington, dc, vice president biden's gun control task force could reveal recommendations today. president obama said yesterday that he is reviewing a proposal congress will likely need to approve the recommendations but the president added that there are some steps he can take without congressional approval. the national rifle association is vowing to fight any new gun control action. >> after a decade of denial, sometimes bitter denial, lance armstrong is admitting to doping. he admitted it yesterday in an interview with oprah. new video shows oprah before the interview with the former cycling champ in austin, texas, and the doping ad
temperatures this weekend and 24-hour temperature change oakland hit 62 and concord hit veteran and san francisco at 58, two degrees warmer. fremont at 61. san jose jumped five degrees up to 62. everyone is going to be in the upper 50's to low 60's but for antioch and live more at 56 degrees. mid-to-upper 60's throughout monterey bay and let to upper 60's headed inland the tonight, 20's and 30's, again, forecast for you, and mid-30's to upper 30's an the bay shore. a couple of things to think headed to the beach with temperatures in the 60's, sneaker waves tell -- possible tonight and tomorrow and then saturday and sunday afternoon with strong rip currents and more sneak waves. temperatures taper next week but it looks dry and we are in the 50's by wednesday. >> if san jose we have an an injury accident with a vehicle off the road. there could be some emergency crews blocking a lane. eastbound 4, we have road closing left lane closed until 6:00 and westbound is jamming up out of antioch and under 20 minutes to 242. northbound 242 at willow pass to concord avenue we have road work until
was staying at an oakland hotel. he is in san francisco county jail facing charges of attempted murder and arson. the victim, 25-year-old starr lamare, remains in critical condition with severe burns. the two got in an argument on sunday. her sister said he came home, poured gasoline in a bottle and went back to the laundromat and he doused her and set her on fire. >> the governor will hold a news conference in sacramento to discuss improvements to mental health care in prisons and overcrowding. officials asked judges to modify an order capping the number of inmates that can be held prisons because they want permission to house 6,000 additional inmates. they say if this is rejected, dangerous felons could be released early after the panel blamed overcrowding for violations of inmate rights. >> the f.b.i. is expected to resume excavating a well in a search for victims of the speed freak killers. agents are taking over the search at the qualify the sheriff. heavy machinery will be used to cover soil but most digging is done by hand. the remains of five people have been found in the area,
. >> an oakland boy. s in critical condition after being hit by a car yesterday. the accident happened after 5:30 at 28th and foothill boulevard. we were on the scene after the child was taken away by ambulance to children's hospital with a head injury. police are trying to figure if the bother ran into traffic or was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. >> san francisco public school students get a lesson in online safety today. 55,000 students will be taught the basics of digital citizenship to keep safe online. issues they will tackle are bullying and what to trust online. the district attorney will visit a middle school to see some students taking part in the online safety instruction day. >> the national weather service is issuing a beach hazard for the northern california coast through the weekend. people along the shore should be careful of sneaker waves that can be dangerous. because of the beach hazard spectators will not be allowed on the shoreline for the maverick surf contest. two dozen of the top big wave riders in the world are gathering in half moon bay for the event th
this is abc7 news. >> new developments in the shooting of an undercover oakland police officer. police have detained one more but are looking if more after an intense manhunt last night. amy hollyfield is live at police headquarters with the latest. >> kristen, the police chief says the two men in custody are known to police here in this department. they are in a gang. one man was taken into custody last night shortly after the shooting around 6:30. the second man was not found until the overnight search done by the swat team. they do not necessity if they have the man who shot the officer. they still looking for two or possibly three men. investigators say the for was undercover. investigators do not know if the man or men who shot at him knew he was an officer. >> we have not been able to determine that. we have not started, we just started the interview with the two being detained. we want to know that. it goes toward what their mindset and the type of charges we want to present to the district attorney. >> the swat team is still searching the block at seminary at 17th. they recovered se
arrested him last night around 9:00. they found him in a hotel in oakland and police say he surrendered peacefully. he is accused of setting the 25-year-old starr lamare on fire. the mother of low was dating oliver. it was a horrific scene on sunday afternoon. starr lamare ripped off her burning sweater while she was running and screaming. her sisters say starr lamare argued over the laundry with oliver he got gasoline and poured it on her and lit her on fire. her family says she has burns to her family and she could be in the hospital for four to five months. dexter oliver is now in jail and police plan to charge him with arson and attempted murder. >> thank you, amy. >> man who sped away from san francisco police on new year's day is due in court to face two counts of murder, the driver smashed into another car at 21st and ran into the front of a store. a woman in the car and a man on the street were both killed. district attorney says that the 19-year-old is charged with murder because there is in violence caused by violence of the reckless actions of a hand who is known gang member.
in san jose and 34 in mountain view and 38 in oakland and 41 in san francisco for the warm spot. everyone is freezing around the monterey bay and inland but salinas is not too far behind. we will have a lot of sunshine that will moderate this air mass tonight is our last night of wide-spread frost inland. it will be mostly sunny and warmer. ready for 60's? that is what we have this weekend. we have low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods and santa rosa and oakland around 58 and 57 and warmer around the monterey bay and mid-to-upper 50's and tonight we have 30's inland the best chance of profit and mid-30's to low 40's around the bay shore and to the coast. here is the accweather forecast, the bay will be in the 60's and we stay low-to-mid 60's through the weekend. not a drop ahead. sue? >> back to the bay bridge. things are mying -- moving nicely. metering lights are off and no problems on the incline and the upper deck of san francisco is looking good and the flat section beyond the toll plaza as you turn to the high-rise it is budged up and under 15 minute between hayward and foster city
in oakland, the warm spot. inland we go from 49 in morgan hill and tonight the temperatures are cooler and a 30 around fremont and palo alto are the cooler spots along the bay shore. we have a freeze and frost advisory so anywhere away from san francisco and the coast, pets, plants and pipes, temperatures hanging out around 50, and mid-to-upper 50's by wednesday and near 60 by thursday. have a great day. >> if you are sneaking up to tahoe to get great skiing, no chain requirements on 80 but they are required on 50 at twin bridges. east shore freeway, university avenue, you can see traffic is pulling nicely but busy and crowded for this friday morning but moving at the limit moving toward macarthur maze and eastbound we had an early accident at university area and that is cleared so no issues there. the eastbound commute from antioch is looking good and still under 20 minutes. we have road work at dumbarton bridge eastbound until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> coming up, a snake on a plane. you may remember the movie but it actually happened during a flight. >> hours after the
teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old powell faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. and another is charged with accessory. the victims were best friend. the 15-year-old and 16-year-old were found shot several times in east oakland in november. witnesses say there was an argument before the deadly shooting. >> a 16-year-old girl injured in a shooting near a high school at millbrae and san bruno border was shot in the stomach and leg across the street from the high school. it happened at 10:30 on saturday night. police did not say what led to the shooting. the search continues for the gunman. >> hockey fans are celebrating after the nhl and players reached a deal to end a bitter lock out. our news reporter joins us live from san jose with how shark fans are taking the news. >> eric, they are feeling really good. but at sharks ice, part of this is public skating facility and a woman does not follow the sharks but is very excited they will be back. this is, after all, san jose's only major league sports franchise and it is a point of honor. look at the
in many areas yesterday. we have oakland at one degree cooler and half moon bay is four degrees cooler. and los gatos is the same, and one degree cooler in san francisco and ten degrees cooler in fairfield. and look at redwood city and los gatos at 29 degrees where it is coldest. in the afternoon, total sunshine and breezy and upper 40's to mid-50's. >> good news on the mountain view area with a stalled bus now cleared from the lanes so you will find traffic moving nicely. north 680 the accident in the center divide, no problems getting by there. and we have road work still out there, northbound, alameda, ramp to sub880, closed for another 40 to 50 minutes until 7:00 this morning doing repaving projects. 87 through san jose moving nice lion the h.p. pavilion working northbound on 87 toward 101. kristen and eric? >> thank you. start your engines. new video shows the first new redesigned corvette in nine years. general motors unveiled the 2014 corvette yesterday in detroit at the north american international auto show, the most powerful corvette ever, the base model comes with a 450 hors
members in oakland wants do use a controversial police tactic to get guns off the street. gallo says he supports strategies that include stop and frisk. police have the authority to stop and frisk someone if they have suspicion the person is breaking the law or armed. opponents say officers take the practice too far and a judge rules similar program in new york city was unconstitutional. >> candlelight vigil is planned outside st. francis hospital for a young mother set on fire, starr lamare. she will be in the hospital for severe burns for the face and throat. the boyfriend set her on fire and remains in the san francisco county jail facing charges of arson and attempted murder. >> we have traffic and weather together next on abc7 news. the san mateo bridge shows track looking to be heavier now but still flowing. it is not foggy this morning but it could get wet today. certainly we have the cold air coming in and mike nicco will have the forecast and the commute is next. >> the landmark church in the in addition's capitol is now taking a new stand on same-sex marriage. [ fingers tappin
if they want c.h.p. officers to patrol city politicians. they have been helping oakland police for free ends a 90 day agreement that ends on friday and the c.h.p. wants money to extend it. oakland reached a deal with alameda county to pay for patrol by sheriff deputy and the mayor hopes the state grants will pay for the c.h.p. officers until new cadets graduate this summer. >> walnut creek police are searching for three robbers who pepper sprayed jewelry store workers entering the jewelers on broadway plaza yesterday afternoon. one doused employees with pepper spray. another used a hammer to smash in the display cabinets grabbing several rolex watches and took off in less than one minute. >> a state agency is set to take action against chevron in connection with the company's richmond refinery fire. an independent investigation by the state department of occupational safety and health, and the u.s. come safety board, will reveal more of the fire that will lead to fines and sanctions. chevron say they have paid out $10 million in medical claims and has begun corrective action and they face la
far, agricultural officials say crops have escaped significant damage. >> oakland city leaders will make a major announcement of responding to the violent crime problem. last night, a drive-by shooting in east oakland injured five people on top of ten other shootings since friday. five people were hit in a spray of bullets at seminary avenue and walnut creek at 8:00. the mayor is calling for a "state of emergency" to get crime-fighting help from the state. city council member tells abc7 the news was made during a conference call before the shooting. a spokesperson for the mayor says the public deserve as strong and fast reaction to the violence. >> vice president biden meets with members of the house of representatives to continue talks on reducing gun violence and is joined by attorney general holder and other cabinet members. he'll give president obama a comprehensive package of recommendations tomorrow. lawmakers say the connecticut school shooting transformed the country and americans are ready for stricter gun laws. the national rifle association says it has enough support
in 30 minutes. >> to suspects in the murders of two teen girls in oakland are due in court. the 18-year-old faces two counts of murder and possibly the death penalty. the 19-year-old is charged as an accessory. the victims were best friends, 15-year-old and a 16-year-old. they were found shot several times in east oakland in november. witnesses say there was an argument before the deadly shooting. >> this morning, police are searching for the suspect would shot a 16-year-old girl on the peninsula right across the street from the high school on the border of san bruno on saturday night. the teen is from south san francisco. investigators say she was wounded in the stomach and leg and is expected to survive. police have not said what led to the shooting. >> sheriff deputies are looking for a hitchhiker who stabbed a driver who gave him a ride. the santa rose press democrat reports there was a driver in the car and he picked up the hitch hitchhiker on saturday night. investigators are not sure but the hitchhiker stabbed the driver twice before the driver was able to get him out of the car.
and 64 in napa, and 63 in concord and oakland, and san jose and palo alto. moving forward we have a lot of sunshine and low-to-mid 60's and a few upper 60's are possible thursday, friday, and saturday. kristen? >> trading resume on wall street in 15 minutes at 6:30 and today is the day that the dow goes over the 14,000 mark for the first time since the start of the great recession. the dow closed up 72 points yesterday to 13,954, the tightest close since five years ago. strong earnings from pfizer and amazon are fueling the surge. stay with abc morning news coming up at 6:45 and we will go do bloomberg's jane king to see how the dow is doing this morning. >> toyota is recalling more than a million cars in the united states because of faulty airbags and front wipers. the recall affects corollas and matrix crossovers made between 2003 and 2004 and says the airbags in the car could have faulty circuit boards and could inflate unexpectedly. the faulty front wipers recall includes lexus and also new, president obama is only a week into the second term and a new washington post/abc news poll
it will still be pleasant to be outside and a chance of rain not forecast next week. santa rosa and oakland the same as yesterday, san jose, hayward, concord, one to five degrees warmer. where does that put us? mid-to-upper 60's in santa rosa, napa, fremont, 69, the warm spots and san francisco and richmond and concord and san jose. headed to monterey bay and underland, everyone in the upper 60's to low 70's with total sunshine. tonight, the temperatures are mid-30's to low 40's inland and not as frosty as this o around napa or as foggy and san francisco is warmer at 49 degrees. high pressure is dominating our weather and kink up to the north which is the energy moving over the top of the high and moving away from us and i think we will be high and dry through the weekend which is unfortunate because we are living in our third driest january here in san francisco with half an inch and we have only had a third in oakland and two-thirds of an inch in san jose. we need more rain and mountain snow. it is just not out there with temperatures near 70 today and tomorrow and our warmest spot and lo
in oakland and novato of the san francisco is 48. temperature of 31 in gilroy to 45 in salinas, the extremes around monterey bay. more warming. more poor air quality. rough surf today. worst through the weekend. next chance of rain possibly is in two weeks -- next month. we are four degrees warmer in napa than average, san francisco is five degrees warmer, and live more and oakland seven degrees warmer-than-average this afternoon. if you get a chance to step out, low-to-mid 60's at fremont at 66. monterey bay, too. and a few 70's around salinas. tonight, we will have frost inland. but not around the bay and to the coast with mid-30's to low 40s. sneaker waves possibility tonight through tomorrow morning. and steady big waves saturday at 10:00 through sunday at 4:00 p.m. so saturday 10:00 a.m. until sunday 4:00 p.m. and in the middle of that is maverick at half moon bay. you are in the 60's by 11:00 and mid-60 in the afternoon. gorgeous at the coast but for the dangerous coast. mid-to-upper 60's for highs this weekend and back to the 50's wednesday and thursday. it will still be dries though.
a flight to the philippines where he is suspected of having sexual contact with minors. >> oakland police say computer technology helped officers take a dangerous man off the street. >> sounds set off a system on new year's eve, officers headed to the area of 84th avenue seconds from the gunshots being peopled up by microphones. officers can see real-time maps in the patrol cars showing the location of the sounds. >> when a gun is fired our sensors are trained to detect large boom or bang sounds that are similar to gunfire. it shows given technology the right amount of resources and the correct direction we can make a dent in violent crime. >> man had that rifle and he has a history of committing violent crimes. >> firefighters in arizona made a dramatic rescue of two teens stranded on a frozen lake. look at these pictures the firefighters took. the two started walking on the late in arizona mountains and the ice cracked and each had a shoe frozen to the ice so they covered their barefeet with their hats and waited. >> we were not sure if we would fall all the way and maybe die from hyper
on the peninsula and in the south bay. we have mid-to-upper 40's around san rafael and oakland at 44, and fremont is at 47 and san francisco is 48 and half moon bay at 43. calm conditions out there. not much of a wind chill but the fog is nut going to dissipate soon. we will have to get sunlight to dissipate the fog. fog through 7:00 with temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's. we will have mostly clouds at balloon and low-to-mid 50's at 4:00. 4:00 all the way through the evening we have the best chance of a scattered light shower as the cold front comes law and the cold front will bring us the exceptionally cold mornings for the next several mornings into the weekend and we will talk about forecast advisories and freeze warnings. tomorrow, temperatures barely make it to 50 and low-to-mid 50's on friday and another chance of a shower on saturday. >> on south san jose southbound 101 before blossom hill road we have an overturned vehicle in a ditch on the shoulder. we have fire crews and a tow truck on the scene. you could find delay beyond the scene. cal train says the northbound 101 train is
jose is 5 and extra were is 63. livermore, 63. oakland, 65, seven degrees warmer-than-average. and 65 in santa rosa and san jose the warmest weather, fremont, the warmest at 66 and fairfield is coolest at 60. upper 60's in the monterey bay to upper 60's to low 70's inland. tonight there is a a chance of scattered frost and mid-30's to around the low 40s. a sneaker wave tonight through tomorrow morning so watch out walking in the water and sentence at 4:00 the strong swells come up to 20'. rip currents develop. we could still have sneaker waves. the seven-day outlook shows warmest weather saturday and sunday mid-to-upper 60's and down to the 50's as it moves north but the system does not bring rain. >> if you are headed to the coast for mavericks, there will be beautiful wet but a lot of folks. southbound 280 an accident in the right lane in west san jose. there is a stall on 580 blocking the off-ramp in livermore. we have a stall in santa rosa, and this is a van that caught on fire and it is now on the shoulder and fire crews are on the scene and the fire should be out but you could f
and 58 in oakland and san jose, and snow 114 percent up to today. a year ago it was only 19 percent. radar shows quiet but for the northwest corner with rain possible. we will have snow in sierra this weekend but today sunshine and mid-40's, and mid to upper 30's in the value central and upper 60's in southern california. kristen? >> now, what is trending on twitter right now in the bay area. al-jazeera, the cable network, is taking over san francisco's current tv, trending, which is cofounded by former vice president al gore and congress trending today, and we mentioned 113th congress will be sworn in today on capitol hill. and warriors had a win. you can follow us on twitter. >> starbucks is coming to vietnam. they announced they will set up the first store in the country early next month. they will on the shop in ho chi minh city. they are already operating 3,000 stores across 11 countries in asia. >> new this morning, new yet familiar rumors surrounding cupertino's apple. there has been talk of a new i-watch and today the "los angeles times" reports that analyst firm says apple
, and oakland is five degrees warmer than average at 62. antioch and livermore at 56. we will be at 62 in san jose. the temperatures to the south are mid-to-upper 70's in monterey bay and low-to-upper 60's inland. a few 20 inland but a lot of low 30's to upper 30's tonight and mid-40's in san francisco and the coast. tomorrow through saturday morning, sneaker waves so we have a beach hazard up and down the coastline. the surf is more dangerous saturday night at, rather, saturday morning at 10:00 to 4:00 as the swells are up to 20' with a dangerous rip current and large waves. be careful at the beach because i know you want to enjoy the 60's in the sunshine this weekend. next week we cool by wednesday and still dry all seven days. >> the east shore freeway commute as you move from richmond beyond the golden gate fields university island, it is real slushing, bumper to bumper, and here is how the bay bridge toll plaza looks, metering lights were turned on with a stalled pickup for over 30 minutes and that has been cleared but the damage has been done and heavy on the upper deck and the car pool
the shooting massacre at the university in oakland last april. go was a student at the school and the prosecution believes he may have targeted an administrator who was not through that day. he is held in county jail right now. >> investigators will look to see what caused a fire at a comedy club. the scene was captured on friday evening with flames gutted the theater in downtown fairfield. no one was hurt. crews weapon the films from -- crews kept the flames from spreading to the nearby buildings. >> now here is a live look at the golden gate bridge with no problems there. weather-wise, what do we face? mike has the full accweather profit and we will check with sue and the traffic center. >> the florida man acquitted of her kill her daughter and now casey anthony has new trouble ought latest temperatures are in. we have upper 30's around los gatos and san jose and fairfield and napa and santa rosa and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 30's but san francisco and half moon bay in the upper 40's. this afternoon, mid-to-upper 50's, but it will be breezy for another day. the next
to be outside 60 in san francisco and half moon bay and richmond to 64 in fremont and napa and 63 in oakland and san jose. low-to-mid 60's around monterey bay and mid-to-upper 60's inland. tonight the temperatures are in the 30's and 40's inland and mainly low-to-mid 40's in the bay and the coast. temperatures are in the low 60's along the coast and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us through friday and saturday and sunday more in the mid-60's and cooler by tuesday next week with the first chance of light rain. >> we have a lock at 101 northbound moving up from the peninsula beyond candlestick to san francisco, just a few cars there and thought bad at all with our camera refreshing there. southbound 101 at third, road work in san mateo area, that until 6:00, and also, southbound 85at 101, expect road work for another 40 minutes and southbound 880, fruitvale, various lanes are blocked with road work in the area. kristen and eric? >> oscar will do something it has never done, the winding road trip to hollywood it is about to take. >> move over mavericks a surfer may have ridden right into the
and morgan hill and oakland is 53. breezy and mostly sunny. pockets of wet weather to the motor and to the south and the sierra where we will have a few scattered snow showers. in between, it is dry from 46 at fresno to 52 in sacramento. snow showers in the sierra, and mostly sunny saturday and sunday. two below tomorrow and six on sunday and headed to the south, back to the 70's and cooler-than-average in los angeles in upper 50's to low 60's after chilly morning in the mid-to-upper 30's. kristenst. >> 49er fans are showing off team pride. these pictures were sent in of the youngest 49er fans in her family. she sent in 49 faithful fans. they are so true to the team when she got her purpose by she named it niner. you can e-mail your photos and well post them at abc7.com showing as many as we can on the air. >> we will show you how to send a message to facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg and make sure he reads it but you have to reach if your wallet. users can send him a message on the web site if the user pays $100. if users do not pay the message ends in the "other" income where junk ma
in oakland and 47 in san francisco. the frost is limited this morning. now, our highs. warmer than average at five to eight degrees, most of us in >>> watch this. high school wrestling match. >> oh, gosh. >> oh. >> right there. 80-pound light plunges from the ceiling, right in the middle of a match. and michael mccomish is okay. we're going to speak with him. he's right there. every time you see the light come down, you cannot believe it. >> the timing of it. >> unbelievable. >>> also coming up, prince harry is speaking out in an unprecedented interview on the front lines. he talks about what really happened in vegas. you see him, in the middle of the interview, having to run to duty. he's talking about what he wants in a girlfriend. very revealing. >> really opening up. >> listen up, young ladies. >>> and born to be wild. the 3-year-old with dead ligators and snakes, as playmates. the pictures and video causing quite a controversy online. why his father is so proud of little charlie. >> oh. he's just 3. >> 3 with a boa around his neck. >> with a snake. >>> this is the video that george ha
abc7 news. good morning i am kristen sze. oakland city leaders will make a major announcement of a surge in violent crime. five people were hit in a drive-by shooting at seminary avenue and walnut street after ten other shootings in the city since friday. oakland vice mayor wants to declare a state of emergency, to clear the way for help from the state. the city council says the city leaders took part in conference calls for an emergency plan. emergencies on the roadways. what going on traffic-wise? >> the peninsula is rough, kristen. the abc seven app shows a three car accident half an hour ago with traffic spotters reporting heavy traffic southbound from 380 toward the scene. other hot spot is southbound 680 where an early accident backed all the way to 242 and toward highway 4, south 680. >> how cold is it this morning? >> welcome back, check out impending sunrise from our roof camera. it is clear and cold this morning. the temperatures show napa and novato in the 20's, and 32 in los gatos and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 30's. keep the pets [ cheers and applause ] >>
police consultant to the city of oakland. people packed the meeting objecting to the former los angeles and new york police chief becoming consultant to the police force. he favors technique known as stop and frisk where officers stop anyone who they feel is suspicious. they voted to recommend that a consultant be hired. >> a beloved hollywood act report has passed away from the bay area of natural causeses in he was the kindly adoptive father in "different strokes" debuting in 1978 and tackled sensitive social issue such as class and race. he was 89 years old. still ahead, a deadly helicopter crash in the heart of london at rush hour. an unusual rescue in portland. the extreme measures crews took [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call
would be pot thieves and the alligator is at the oakland zoo. >> another bit of show business here, we know the nominees for the 85th annual academy awards. who is on the list and when you can find out who is gold. >> time is running out for wails -- whales t >> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, and all eyes on the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains with the best chance of showers and snow showers and a small chance moving through east bay hills that will get a sprinkle this morning. maybe a few flurries on diablo. around the grapevine we have snow. be careful. snow showers are taper in the sierra but they will be around in the afternoon. 31 in yosemite. through the grapevine you have mid-50's to around 60 for los angeles and san diego and palm springs. kristen and eric? >> thank you, mike at 6:45. >> "lincoln" leads with 12 oscar nominations this year. >> it was a wake-up call for hollywood as knox -- nominees were announced. >> the film selected as best picture nominees for 2012 are beasts of
. temperatures from 53 in antioch to santa rosa, oakland, fremont, san jose and half moon bay at 58. to the south, warmer and low 60's and morgan hill, at 59 for you. tonight with extra cloud cover but no frost and in the mid-to-upper 30's and mid-to-upper 30's to 40's around the bay explore and the coast. the high pressure is holding on right now deflecting the energy from the storm to the north. it is getting over run by the high clouds so that will make it interesting. here is a look at the rain, it is coming in tomorrow afternoon. it will be light-to-moderate at times and you can see the yellow over san francisco at 3:00 and taper in the evening. we get a break overnight and sunday morning, around 11 clock, it starts to move in to the north bay, light-to-moderate and the storm system sweeps from north to south across the bay area and it will take longer than the first one tomorrow. rainfall amounts are quarter to three quarters in the east bay and up to an inch in the mountains. monday and tuesday, it is dry again, and a slight chance of rain on wednesday, and thursday is dry again with tempe
district will be arraigned today. the 22-year-old was arrested on monday night in oakland for the attack on starr lamare. oliver faces charges of attempted murder and arson after he doused starr lamare with gas and set her on fire. witnesses say the two were arguing outside a laundromat before the attack. starr lamare is expected to survive. she will face months in the hospital recovering from she vary buns. >> bizarre case in pittsburg involving a cheating wife, burglary and homicide has fur people facing murder conspiracy charges. charmaine taijeron and two brothers and another are held on $1 million bail. charmaine taijeron's husband stabbed an inintruder during a break in but police say she was having an affair with matt packer and the the break in was a plot to get her husband to leave the apartment. >> his wife was angered because he was reconsidering and she plotted a burglary with her boyfriend. >> charmaine taijeron's husband was not injured and now moved out of the apartment with the two children. >> the violence task force headed by biden is holding a second round of meeting a
the shooting massacre at the university in oakland last spill. he was a student at the school. the prosecution believes he could have been targetedded an administrator who was not there on the day of the sight. he is currently being held in jail. >> san rafael school district officials are meeting to decide whether to let a tax expire that is now $194 per parcel for san rafael's elementary school district and $132 for the high school district. school officials so the the marin independent journal the tax is needed to avoid cuts to programs and personnel. the proposed ball lit initiative goes to the voters in a special mail in election, in the spring. >> such a nice weekend with the gorgeous sunshine. >> i heard it was fabulous. >> we were too sick to enjoy it. >> hopefully you will get progressively better. we will make it warmer for you. >> that is whale -- what i will do for you. now, stay away from me. i cannot get sick. >> we will have unlimit 9 visibility this morning with no fog. 39 inland is as cool as it gets and mid-40's in the bay. we will have upper 40's to low 50's during the lunch
morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> a lot of thumbs-up there. >> i like the bisquick, with the hot dogs in them. >> those twins are cute. >> really cute. >>> jessica simpson looked her best in the daisy dukes. you see her right there. now, harley pasternak is here to help all of us jumpstart our january. >>> that's amazing. >> yeah. >> "avatar." >> welcome back, everybody. we're here with celebrity trainer, harley pasternak. we're sharing secrets to training the stars. boy, you trained some of the most fit out there. we're talking rihanna, kim kardashian, katy perry. and now, you. you're going to teach us how to have an all-star body. >> you don't need my help. >> come on. we're jumpstarting our january. we're starting with the legs. katy perry has legs that are just so toned. >> she is. we can do it playing a video game. >> we have a video game. harley pasternak, hollywood workout. you can do it at home. and under 30 bucks, you get me. you get me telling you how to do the exercises. the avatar of me, with the sarcasm. >> oh, good. >> and notice, i have n
at the stalled big rig blocking a lane with very slow traffic. new accident in oakland 980 at 10th. kristen? >> we will check out mike nicco's forecast wh >> welcome back and san rafael this morning has fog hanging around but especially thick the deeper you are inland beblow quarter-mile visibility in livermore and fairfield and nap that and quarter-mile visibility in conquer and santa rosa. dense fog will hang around through 9:00 or 10:00. most of us in the upper [ cheers and applause ] >>> happy crowd out here in times square. including some honeymooners. and we just got some news in. robin just tweeted to everybody. she said "gma" is a great way to start my day. i'll have what lara spencer is having this morning. robin, it is not tequila. but look at that. see you very soon, smiley face, which puts a smile on all of our faces. so good to hear. hello, robin. so glad you're loving the show this morning. and get ready to jumpstart your january again. secrets of the supermodel time. >> style and beauty expert, greta monahan, is here to show us how you can get the casual, everyday look models
? >> great except for one key spot the lower deck of the bay bridge getting from san francisco into oakland, things were held up for a little while, there was an injury accident on the lower deck, a sig alert the last few minutes. is will be slow over here, a look from the emeryville camera, traffic is flowing both decks smoothly. to the south an alternate is the san mateo bridge but you don't really need it. highway 92 over the water the san mateo bridge is just fine and a lot clearer view than we've seen over the last few day this is week because of fog, not an issue this morning. things moving nicely and see how your commute is for the south bay. >> thank you, mike. more of the top stories coming up in 30 minutes. laura garcia-cannon and i hope to see you at 11:00. >> it's dry day friday, and there's more bad news. how do i turn back the clock is the question everybody wants answered. >> we twoent place that could could give us answers, the good housekeeping lab where chemists put the top anti-aging products to the test. >> but before we could go home with hope in a jar, we had to do a s
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